The Centrifugue Brain Project | Till Nowak | 2011 | 06:35 min.

Since the 1970's scientists are conducting experiments with bizarre amusement rides to study their effects on the human brain. Appropriating the aesthetics of a television documentary the shortfilm takes a tongue-in-Cheek look at mankids confused search for happyness and freedom.

Till Nowak, born 1980, is running his own studio „frameboX“ for digital art and animation since 1999. He is based in Hamburg, Germany. His animated shortfilm „Delivery“ (2005) brought him inter­national­ attention by winning more then 35 awards, including PRIX UIP in Ghent, Annecy, AFI FEST Hollywood, United Nations Mediterranean Environmental Award and others. In 2006 he was nominated for the European Film Awards. Visit for more information.
Bloom | Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller | 2011 | 06:12 min.

Bloom is a reflection on the means of visual production before the existence of media like photography or film. The search for a modern view – which started to become manifest through various optical gadgets already before the development of the photographic camera – is reconstructed via partly absurd gadgets and objects, to the point of Land-Art-like installations. The Voice over is a collage of re-assembled paragraphs of John Ruskin’s “Poetry of Architecture“, a signature text in 19th Century landscape theory. The scenery shows alternating working space and utilities as well as impressions of landscape. It develops an atmosphere of the so-called „Picturesque“ at the same time as it gets deconstructed.

Markus Hanakam (*1979 Essen, GER) and Roswitha Schuller (*1984 Friesach, AT) collaborate as a duo since 2004. They both received their master degrees from University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Their work is shown at Museums and Festivals in an international context, including 15th WRO Int. Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw 2013, Recontres Internationales 2012 at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, ISEA 2011, Istanbul, 4th Moscow Int. Biennale for Contemporary Art 2011 and Garage CCC in Moscow 2010. In their works they frequently use anonymous objects with industrially manufactured synthetic parts, which are given emotional significance by the assignment of properties and functions, and then used in films, animations and installations. They gained several awards like the MAK Schindler Fellowship in Los Angeles as well as an Artist in Residency at the Citè International des Art, Paris. Their short Film “INVASION” is awarded as Jury Selection Work at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012.
Horizon | Joshua Thorson | 2011 | 13:00 min.

Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center opened to the public in 1982–a little late for such a utopian modernist project. The original park featured an “infotainment” ride, sponsored by GE, called Horizons, that showcased a future in which technology and innovation coupled with the family unit would evolve into exciting and previously unimaginable territories–colonies in outer space and under the Earth’s oceans. In 2000, the ride was demolished to make way for an immersive thrill ride. The story in this video, about a family doing research on a space colony whose supplies and funding inexplicably stop arriving and who are determined to survive however they can, is accompanied by archival Hi-8 video footage of the ride.

Joshua Thorson is a video-maker and writer based in New York. Thorson works with narrative conceptually, exploring and exploiting the narrative exchange through the themes of science, religion, transcendence, authenticity, idealism, and trauma. Using tonal shifts and stringent economy, this work seeks to both cater to and usurp expectations, opening up “story” to ontology. Thorson’s work has been presented at museums, galleries, and theaters internationally.
Social Netwalks | Ralph Kistler | 2012 | 7:39 min

With the web 2.0 the massive analysis of personal data began by tracing the behaviors and movements of users in social networks to be able to identify common structures. The video takes up the practice of data-gathering in a purely aesthetic context by filming a city square with a bird´s eye view where a wide number of different people stroll into town. The footage was analyzed and edited in order to organize the captured people in defined groups under specific characteristics. The new ironical combinations regroup the strollers in backpackers, people who walk the dog, cyclists, yellow plastic bags carrier, couples holding hands, wheelchair users and other groups.

*1969 Munich/ Germany. Lives and works in Munich (Germany) and Tenerife (Spain). Ralph´s interest is based on the observation of today’s society phenomena by taking his surroundings and his personal life as a reference to query everyday situations with ambiguous and often ironic artworks. To create his art installations he works with video, electronics, interactivity or kinetic objects. His works were shown in exhibitions and festivals like Piksel Festival in Bergen, the Transmediale in Berlin or the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo.   Website:
Restless | David Politzer | 2012 | 06:40 min.

Restless uses a wandering tent window/viewfinder to address ideas of wanderlust, frustration, envy and fastidiousness. The viewer/tent inhabitant travels far and wide to find what? The best vista? A more satisfying composition? A comfortable place to lay your head? A more extreme view? Ultimately we are left unsatisfied, not knowing whether we've ever found those iteral and figurative greener pastures.

David Politzer was born in Washington DC and holds an MFA from Syracuse University. David is the recipient of the 2011 HCP Carol Crow Fellowship Award. He has had solo shows at the Museum of Northern Arizona, Real Art Ways, Roswell Museum and Art Center and Lawndale Art Center. Group show and screening venues include the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New Mexico Museum of Art, El Paso Museum of Art, the Soap Factory, Vox Populi, the Syracuse International Film Festival, video_dumbo, Gallery Korea, and the Everson Museum of Art. He was an artist in residence at Djerassi, Lawndale Art Center, Yaddo, the Skowhegan School, Roswell Artist in Residence, and the Kala Art Institute. David lives and works in Houston, TX where he teaches in the Photography and Digital Media Department at the University of Houston.
A to A | Johann Lurf | 2011 | 05:00 min.

Johann Lurf documents around 100 rotunda islands in Austria, shown in increasingly grotesque segments of only a few seconds – and creates a catalogue of local building malfunctions. A to A is a study of the terror of the mundane, of everyday architectural horrors, which one can count on seeing in the field of traffic islands. The monotony of the rotunda suggests here a commentary on the emptiness of Austrian real-scenery, punctuated only by the piping of the Vespa, which produces diverse whining, high-pitched motor sounds through the changing of gears, as if even the vehicle itself was lamenting the views that it is exposed to. Stefan Grissemann (Translation: Charlotte Eckler)

Born in 1982 in Vienna Johann Lurf has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the Slade School of Art in London. He graduated from Harun Farocki’s film class in 2009. He received the State Grant of Austria for Video- and Media Art and participated in the MAK-Schindler Artist-in-Residence Program in Los Angeles in 2011. His works have been internationally shown and awarded in numerous exhibitions and festivals.
Tell me a Story | James Prevett | 2012 | 0:44 min.

A short denial that keeps us in perpetual desire. By appropriating advertising imagery, we know what is offered but we are never given fulfillment. What will be will be.

James Prevett is a British artist based in Helsinki and London. He mostly makes objects and videos and is interested in the porousness of things – how objects and ideas slip between modes of being and come to affect subjectivity and objectivity. James has an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London and has exhibited widely. He was part of a team that represented the UK at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006 and recent exhibitions include ‘Misery Connoisseur’ at Van Horbourg, Zurich, ‘128kbps Objects’ for and ‘Riptide’ at Kerstin Engholm Gallerie, Vienna. James will have a solo exhibition at Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki in June 2013.