Mustapha / Vincenzo | Lina Issa | 2009 | 2:20 min.
Mustapha is a 10 year old child of Moroccan parents born in The Netherlands.
In this 2 minute, one shot video, he appears mentally and physically occupied with constructing a world for him self- a place to dwell in between the two different cultures he belongs to and struggles to accommodate within himself.
While narrating a story from his favorite book: Stories from the life of the Prophet Mohammed, a main character of the story takes a physical overwhelming presence in the world he is constructing for the camera, bringing in a magical element to a complex reality.

Lina Issa (Lebanon, 1981) is an artist based in Amsterdam. Her work revolves around issues of place, otherness, kinesthetic embodied memory, and the performativity of (cultural) identity.
Prior to the Piet Zwart Institute| Masters in Art, Rotterdam,NL ('05-'06) she was a researcher at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht,NL ('03-'

  Helsinki – Tehran | Azar Saiyar | 2009 | 22:00 min.

Helsinki-Tehran is a cinematic study on immigration and memory – on the shared verbal and nonverbal knowledge and emotional understanding which travels with displaced people from one generation to another.

Born in January 1979, Azar Saiyar is a daughter of an Iranian father and a Finnish mother. Visiting Iran only when she was one year old, she lived her childhood in Finland and Sweden. 2004 Saiyar graduated from Turku Arts Academy as a graphic designer. She has worked with film since 2002. Helsinki-Tehran is her debut film as a director and her graduation work to the Visual Culture MA-programme in University of Art and Design Helsinki.


  The Story of Milk & Honey | Basma Alsharif| | 2011 | 9:54 min.

The Story of Milk & Honey is a short experimental video belonging to a larger project, which includes photographs, drawings and text, detailing an un-named individual\'s failure to write a love story. Through voiceover narration that weaves together images, letters, and songs, a story of defeat transpires into a journey that explores how we collect and perceive information, understand facts, history, images, and sound and where the individual is to be found in the midst of the material. The four works that make up the project are presented as one installation. The video is shown as a projection with sound through headphones; a 10 image series titled Corniche Beirut, 6 laminated prints mounted on wood titled Les Sauvages, and 50 images in wood and glass frames titled Original Family Archives. produced with the Fundacion Marcelino Botin Grant for Visual Arts Fund.

Basma Alsharif is a visual artist working with language, sound, video, film, text, and photography. She received an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2007 and has since worked in Cairo, Beirut, Sharjah and Amman. Her work has shown at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival; Videobrasil; Forum Expanded: Berlinale; Images Festival Toronto; Manifesta 8; Toronto International Film Festival; 9th Sharjah Bienniale; Rencontres Internationales; Contemporary Arts Centre of Southern Australia; and the Jerusalem Show. Alsharif received the Marion McMahon Award in 2011, was award a Jury prize at the 9th edition of the Sharjah Bienniale, and was the recipient of the Fundación Marcelino Botín Visual Arts Grant in 2009-2010.

  Vita Nova | Vincent Meessen | 2009 | 26:56 min.
    In his famous essay Mythologies (1957), Roland Barthes demystified the French colonial imperialism by means of a photograph that appeared on the cover of Paris-Match. This picture, that became an icon of modern criticism, shows a colonial cadet on guard.Vita Nova unveils the biographical ghost underneath the surface of this mythical picture. When recited, Barthes words reveal slowly their hidden meaning: the unmeasurable weight of an historically burdened heritage. Vita Nova is a spiral movie in which History (Histoire), now chaotic in its temporality, returns in a more certain form as story (histoire). The found Time of history is here the survival to the image. It is the now, the temporality of the living, the untimeliness of the reciter.

Vincent Meessen (U.S.A., 1971; lives in Brussels) produces work at the crossroads of the documentary and conceptual art, whose codes he manipulates in order to create hybrids he calls "documents of experience": films, texts, interventions, photographs, etc. He focuses on the cultural appropriation of usages, signs or documents, which he moulds and reshapes as narrative. His work is characterised by a recitative style in formats as diverse as the essay (Vita Nova), the fable (Dear Adviser) and the tale (Les Sociétaires). He has developed a poetics of re-reading and translation, wherein the document is transformed into experience and experience into a document. He often employs collaborative procedures which undermine the authority of the author and privilege the collective understanding of multiplicities. Vincent Meessen's work has recently been the subject of a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) and has been presented with the collective Potential Estate at the Brussels Biennial and at M HKA (off-site) in Anvers. His films have been widely screened

  The Last Rites | Yasmine Kabir | 2008 | 17:00 min.

' The Last Rites', a silent film, by Yasmine Kabir, depicts the ship breaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh- a final destination for ships that are too old to ply the oceans any longer.
Every year, hundreds of ships are sent to yards in Bangladesh. And every year, thousands of people come to these yards in search of jobs. Risking their lives to save themselves from hunger, they breathe in asbestos dust and toxic waste.  
The elemental struggle between man and metal figures throughout the film, as men carry the weight of steel ropes over their shoulders, pull huge parts of the vessels inland, and bear great metal plates.

' The Last Rites' is an allegorical portrayal on the agony of hard labor.

Yasmine Kabir is an independent filmmaker based in Bangladesh. Her filmography includes: Death Chant 1992 A day at the Embassy 1996 For Solaiman 1997 A Mother`s Lament (Duhshomoy) 1999 My Migrant Soul (Porobashi Mon Amar) 2000 Direct-Direct (Music Video) 2003 A Certain Liberation (Shadhinota) 2003 The Last Rites (Shesh Kritto) 2008