THOMAS ZUMMER 'Technology as Inner Experience'

Artist, writer and scholar extraordinaire Thomas Zummer will present a reading performance with a long tradition. Over the last two decades he occasionally has presented new reincarnations of this performance and admits that "I am still not been able to get rid of those inner experiences, so he would be delighted to try once again to exorcise some version or another. In the form of a cinema without cinema, or a 'spoken cinema'".


SYNTHHUMPERS (Jim Supanick + Josh Solondz)

for player, responsive surfaces, strewn material, and closed-circuit television monitors (1972)

Synthhumpers is a kitchen table-top sound collaboration between Jim Supanick and Josh Solondz, specializing in murky improvisations anchored in trust and "transcendental pursuit". Jim misuses dance music software, bolstered by cassette and digital samples and a Casio SK-1. Josh operates a variety of self-made instruments including synthesizers, mixers, panners, and microphones. In addition to the human voice, the microphones also amplify makeshift idiophones, slinkies, and toy piano.