Stargate | Pascal Fendrich & Bernd Härpfer | 2010 | 4:15 min.
Several passengers' feet are dangling from gondolas of the fairground ride ›Stargate‹. They're excited about an unusual roller coaster ride that will break down the bounds of the ego. The image increasingly fans out like a kaleidoscope. Like a cinematic mirror of the passengers' feelings, the work always moves on the edge between the concrete and the abstract, only to finally disintegrate and vanish into nothingness.

Pascal Fendrich (*1972) is a visual artist. He studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. His work comprises video art and photography. His central focus is a conceptual and playful approach.
Bernd Härpfer (*1967) is a composer and creator of sound installations and videos.
He studied at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and at the University of Cologne. He further studied algorithmic composition with Clarence Barlow. Härpfer works in transformation of natural sounds, the use of computer-controlled acoustic instruments and in developing custom software as a basis for composition.


  Pülnoc (Midnight) | Klára Tasovská | 2010 | 40:00 min.

"Midnight", a visually refined film by Klára Tasovská, blends several layers. The personal experience of the director, who chose to be closed for a week with her camera in complete darkness, is connected with a broader reflexion on the community of Czech "darkers", i.e. people, who organize damaging interventions against the electrical power system. The film overlaps into the question of indispensability of artificial light for our civilisation. The use of long time shooting night images, abstract surfaces of darkness of varied colours together with the intuitive editing composition leave the viewer enough space for thought.

Klára Tasovská ( 1980, T?ebí?, Czech Republic) graduated from New Media department at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and currently is studying at the Documentary department at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She works in the field of documentary film and videoart. Her documentary essay Midnight was awarded at numerous festivals in Europe (e.g. IDFF Jihlava Czech Republic, EMAF Germany, Early Melons Slovakia).

  Strange Lights | Rosie Pedlow &  Joe King | 2010 | 8:05 min.
On a winter's night in 1980, American servicemen stationed at an RAF base, witnessed some 'unexplained lights'in Rendlesham Forest. The incident has since become Britain's most famous UFO mystery with abounding rumours of conspiracies and cover-ups. Some argue that the incident was a hoax whilst others believe that the forest is a doorway to another dimension. Maintaining a balance between celebration and criticality, this film revisits the forest, thirty years later, in search of similarly 'inexplicable' events.

Joe King & Rosie Pedlow are two British artists working primarily in moving image. Their practise takes in a wide range of interests and themes ranging from the rhythmic combination of image and sound to reflections on modes of representation, and more latterly to explorations of space, time and everyday life.

  Cycle | Volker Schreiner | 2010 | 4:14 min.
"Clips from Curtiz to Lynch, from A Place in the Sun to White Noise. Assembled under the aspect of the dominating light source in each particular excerpt, which in this unsettling four minutes work shows off as the merciless ruler over the sound. Or, in the words of found-footage-virtuoso Volker Schreiner: ‚Rooms illuminated by oscilling light, lightened up in rhythmic intervals by lamps and neon signs or irregular flashes of light. People are waiting, awaiting, pondering, searching, worrying.'" (catalogue Viennale 10, 2010)

Volker Schreiner produces video works since 1988/ grants at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, the Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo Rome/ lectureships at the HfG Karlsruhe and the HBK Braunschweig/ visiting professorships at the HBK Braunschweig and the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz/ lectures, workshops and seminars a.o. in Rome, Istanbul, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Bangkok/ participation in numerous festivals and tours/ works owned a.o. by the NBK Berlin, the ZKM Karlsruhe, the Ludwig Museum Cologne, the Museum fuer Neue Kunst Karlsruhe, the Amsterdam Film Museum/ distribution by Heure Exquise! and Light Cone Paris/ internet: