Energy of Delusion | Keith Sanborn| 2:00 min.
    'Energy of Delusion' takes its title from Lev Tol’story’s description of the creative process, which became the title of a book by Viktor Shklovsky.
It presents a highly subjective and compressed museum of cinema, including the most notoriously engaging, difficult, and lengthy works in history, each reduced to one minute. With their luxuriant titles, each element doubles in size. The titles of the elements encrypt the titles of the original films and the compression necessary to reduce them to a minute. The work varies from 1 to 50 elements. This version has 2 film elements and 2 texts. In installation, the elements are randomly ordered. Here the curators decided.

Keith Sanborn is a media artist, theorist, curator and translator based in New York. Besides a number of one-person shows his work has been included in the Whitney Biennial, the Pompidou Monter/Sampler, and festivals such as OVNI, Video Vortex, Rotterdam, EMAF, and Oberhausen. His theoretical work has appeared in contexts ranging from Artforum to Kunst nach Ground Zero to catalogues for MoMA , Exit Art, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. He has translated the work of Debord, Viénet, Wolman, Bataille, Napoleon, Kulshov and Gioli among others. He has also worked as an independent curator with the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Exit Art, Artists Space, the Pacific Film Archive, and others.
  Shadow of a Doubt | Bob Paris | 2009 | 6:44 min.

Sonic constituents from Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt are used to refashion its universe of menace, dream and transgression.

Bob Paris is a video artist whose work has screened at a variety of venues around the world. His earlier remake of Hitchcock's The Birds (created with Russian artist Roman Anikushin) screened at the Whitney Biennial in 1997.

  Grid | Volker Schreiner | 2009 | 5:32 min.

Traces, devices, indications, found and discovered, clues and hints referring to absentees - a compilation of excerpts from movies and feature films.

1988/89 grant Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, 1993 lectureship HfG Karlsruhe, 1994-98 lectureship HBK Braunschweig, 1998/99 grant Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo Rome, 2000/01 visiting professor HBK Braunschweig, 2002/03 visiting professor Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz, lectures, workshops and seminars a.o. in Rome, Istanbul, Ankara, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Bangkok, participation in numerous festivals and tours, works owned a.o. by the NBK Berlin, the ZKM Karlsruhe, the Ludwig Museum Cologne, the Museum fuer Neue Kunst Karlsruhe, the Amsterdam Film Museum


  Kangaroo Court | Ivan Faktor | 2007 | 7:40 min.
'Kangaroo Court' is the second part of the multimedia reconstruction of the sequence from Fritz Lang`s famous movie “M” (1931), which begins with the photographic replica of the scene of the illegal trial of the psychopathic murder in Berlin underground. In the first phase, Berlin is revived by two hundred costumed actors, rounded up in a devastated former Zagreb factory. Two film cameramen kept a look out on the process of their costumed retro-initiation to Lang`s universe, which was in the film “reconstruction of reconstruction” additionally underlined by the counterpoint of documentary material and fragments from the sound track with dialogues from “M”.

Ivan Faktor was born in Crnac (Croatia) in 1953. He lives and works in Osijek. He is working on experimental film, photography, video, and video-installations. From 1975 to 1977 he was the editor of The Film-lovers panel in Osijek, then he went on to direct film program of the Students` Centre (1981-1988), and since 1992 he has been the editor of the film program of Osijek Cinema. He has been shooting films and video works since 1975. Since 1979, he has regularly participated in conceptualist activities and exhibitions, held video and film performances, built installations and made multimedia presentations. In 1995, he participated at the Venice Biennale (A Case/At Home2), and in 2002, he represented Croatia at the 25th biennale in Sao Paolo. He won numerous awards, including the Grand Prix at 11th Days of Croatian film, the 2002 "Vladimir Nazor" award, and the Grand Prix of the 39th Zagreb salon in 2005. He was the founder and manager of the "Kazamat" gallery in Osijek (2001-2004) and organizer of the Performans art festival since 2001.
  The Title was Shot | Vivian Ostrovsky | 2009 | 9:00 min.
'The Title Was Shot' was commissioned for a conference of film theoreticians in Berlin in 2009 entitled: The Cinematic Configurations of the ‘I’ and the ‘We’.
Composed of fragments from over 25 films dating from the 1920s to the 80s, this whimsical short features cowboys, Indians and damsels in distress.
Tarzan, Jane, a transgender gorilla, and a menacing lion tango from frame to frame, prodded by Wittgenstein, Gilles Deleuze and Slavoj Zizek’s philosophical considerations. A fast-paced, heart-pounding cinephilic farce.

Vivian Ostrovsky was born in New York (USA). Programmer for the Jerusalem Film Festival, Filmmaker, curator. Her films have been shown in festivals worldwide (Toronto, Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, Tribeca, Vienna and others), in cinematheques and in art fairs such as the Sao Paulo Biennale and Arco in Madrid. As well as in venues such as : M.O.M.A., Lincoln Center, NY, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Anthology Film Archives, NY, Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA.

Her films can be found in the following collections: MOMA, NY; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin; Forum des Images Paris; Israel Film Archives, Jerusalem and the French Ministery of Foreign Affairs for French Institutes worldwide
  Seer's Catalogue | Dave Griffiths | 2009 | 7:30 min.

An investigator decodes the Universe through fiery entrails of film, recounting a myth of primal origins, worldly corruption and ultimate fate. His shuffling archive of movie cue-dots hovers between stillness and motion, the result of observing and recording barely visible matter on the screen’s margins. Energy escapes these orbital fetishes, displaced from their usual microscopic scale to mix with scenery, bodies, pseudo-cosmology. Media relics in intimate acts of collective memory .

Artist and curator based in Manchester, UK working with film, video, animation and print. Recent work dwells on the physical and fictive borders of cinema, attempting to activate the narrative potential of marginal images as living forms of cultural memory. His series 'Griffiths Cue-Dot Observatory' examines the archaeology of movie changeovers, and has shown internationally.
  Clouds | Julius Ziz | 2010 | 11:00 min.

From found footage Julius Ziz recalls and dreams about a multidimensional world.the phone rings, awakening him from dream and memory.

Julius Ziz born in Lithuania,lives in NYC and Ireland. his films were shown in many international film festivals and film museums.his films are in the collections of MoMA, Austrian National Film Museum, Museum of Modern Art City of Paris, Anthology Film Archives, Marcel Duchamp Fundation.