Beauty Plus Pity | Emily Vey Duke + Cooper Battersby | 2010 | 14:26 min.
Cooper Battersby (b. 1971, Penticton British Columbia, Canada) and Emily Vey Duke (b. 1972, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) have been working collaboratively since 1994. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. Their work has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals in North and South America and throughout Europe, including the Walker Center (Minneapolis), The Banff Centre (Banff), The Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver), YYZ (Toronto), The New York Video Festival (NYC), The European Media Arts Festival (Osnabruck), Impakt (Utrecht) and The Images Festival (Toronto). Their tape Being Fucked Up (2000) has been awarded prizes from film festivals in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Bad Ideas for Paradise (2002) was purchased for broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and for the libraries at Harvard and Princeton, and has won prizes from the NYExpo (NYC) and the Onion City festival (Chicago). I am a Conjuror (2004) has received prizes from the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the Onion City Festival.

  The Roar | Shaun Slifer | 2009 | 1:15 min.
    The footage in this video is edited down from a pivotal scene in Jean-Jacques Annaud's 'The Bear' (1988), which I first saw as a child. Other influences include Sonic Youth, camping, and a bit of that old fear and anxiety regarding wilderness that\'s been the fuel for all my videos as of late.

Shaun Slifer is a Pittsburgh-based history nerd with an undying fascination with the natural world who practices a multi-disciplinary approach to art as a tactical measure against insanity. He has exhibited nationally in a wide variety of galleries, nonprofit exhibition spaces, and community centers, as well as under bridges and alongside interstate highways. Slifer regularly works in collaboration with other artists as well as in collectively structured settings, including the Howling Mob Society and the Justseeds Artists Cooperative.
  Koreanautica | Torsten Zenas Burns | 2010 | 17:00 min.
Speculative scene-chunks in 'Koreanautica' explore South Korean space training workshops. Inorganic / organic gestural relationships,(re-sexualized) sculptural vehicles, squid based pressure suits, and superstitious delivery systems. Further processed video scenes investigate ectoplasmic discharges, off earth Kimchi stories, and song-cycle manifestations aboard a fictional international space station…….

Torsten Zenas Burns received his BFA in video in 1990 from the New York State College of Art & Design at Alfred University, and his MFA from The San Francisco Art Institute in1993. He has created video and installation projects exploring speculative content, including re-imagined educational practices, experimental space programs, zombie relationships, and post-human(splatstick). Other projects include collaborations with Anthony Discenza under the name HALFLIFERS, VIROCODE, Darrin Martin, Michael O’Malley, and Christian K. Burns. He recently screened with Darrin Martin a new collaborative videotape “What-if? Beyond a Carnalove” at the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany.
  Untitled - Hypno Project | Douglas Fishbone | 2009 | 12:55 min.
This work examines how people react to stimuli under the influence of hypnosis. I was interested to see how an audience would respond to one of my video narratives after their conscious state had been altered, presenting the possibility that the work can operate on a number of different levels simultaneously – depending on who views it.
Doug Fishbone was born in New York in1969. He earned an MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. Selected solo exhibitions include Rokeby, London (2009), Gimpel Fils, London (2006) and 30,000 Bananas in Trafalgar Square (2004). Selected group exhibitions include Rude Britannia: British Comic Art, Tate Britain (2010), Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea (2008); Laughing in a Foreign Language, Hayward Gallery (2008), London; British Art Show 6, Newcastle, Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester (2006). He performs regularly at both international and UK venues, including appearances at London’s ICA and Southbank Centre. Fishbone is premiering his new full-length feature film Elmina, in which he plays the lead role in a Ghanaian action film, at Tate Britain, London in October 2010. Fishbone lives and works in London.
  How To Draw Sad Animals | Pere Ginard & Laura Gines | 2009 | 4:34 min.

A project that plays at being a bestiary, but also a diary, but also a tragic tale.

Laura Ginès and Pere Ginard are illustrators, filmmakers and founding members of Laboratorium, a micro-factory that combines the creation of experimental films with illustration and motion graphics. Their works have been exhibited at numerous events in Europe and America. They have also published various books and won awards for photography, illustration and audiovisual projects.


  Versions | Oliver Laric | 2010 | 8:48 min.

Excellent video essay on the stigma of appropriation and visual remixing. Oliver Laric's pratice is characterised by the manipulation and restructuring of existing broadcast media, using YouTube, webchat programs and graphics programs as both the raw material and also method of display for his work.

OLIVER LARIC, born 1981 in Istanbul / lives and works Berlin. Previous exhibitions include 2009 Venice Biennale, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Kunsthaus Graz, PPOW Gallery (NY), and Seventeen Gallery (London).(

  Real Snow White | Pilvi Takala | 2009 | 9:14 min.
The absurd logic of the "real character" and the extreme rules of Disneyland become apparent when a real fan of Snow White is banned from entering the theme park dressed as Snow White. 

Takala was born 1981 in Helsinki, graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 (MFA) and is currently artist-in-residence at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. Her solo exhibitions include Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Turku Art Museum; Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb; Frac des Pays de la Loire, Nantes. Her work has been shown widely in group shows including 4th Bucharest Biennial; 5th Berlin Biennial; 9th Istanbul Biennial; Witte de With, Rotterdam; City Art Museum, Helsinki; Eskilstuna Art Museum; Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul and Kunsthalle Helsinki.