ETC: 1969 - 2007

The Experimental Television Center (ETC) was established in 1969 by Ralph Hocking at the State University of New York at Binghamton and is among the oldest yet still existing nexus for video / media artists on the East Coast.

In 1972, ETC began a residency program, inviting artists such as Nam June Paik, Shikego Kubota, poet Jackson MacLow, and glass artist/video activist Rudi Stern to explore the center's tools. Engineer David Jones deleloped ETC's unique one of its kind image-processing system in 1974

This system layed the groundwork for subsequent innovations in artist-oriented software and tools, including Jones's frame buffer with two-dimensional print software. Over the years the Center's residency program gained international recognition through the works of visiting artists, among them Peter D'Agostino, Peer Bode, Shalom Gorewitz, Barbara Hammer, Ken Jacobs, and Gary Hill. In 1978 the Center relocated to Owego, New York, where it continues to operate today.

An anniversary DVD compilation

For it's 40th year anniversary ETC started to produce a DVD compilation of a selection of artists who had created video art during ETC residencies over the course of 40 solid years.
This enormous undertaking required digital restorations, and took three years, resulting in a 20 hour compilation of over 100 artists.

Digitizing, restorations, and overall support: Bill Seery and Maria Venuto and Standby program
Project manager and DVD author: Aaron Miller.
Art director: Diane Bertolo

The DVD is accompanied with a 130-page catalog and is distributed by EAI

Experimental Television Center  40th anniversary DVD selection guest curated by Kathy High

Blue | Peer Bode |  5 min.
Earth Pulse | Gary Hill | 5:30 min.
Topography | Carol Goss | 3:50 min.
Bug in Wilderness | Neil Zusman | 2:00 min.
Godzilla Hey! | Megan Roberts and Ray Ghirardo | 2:20 min.
TV Tart | Barbara Hammer | 9:00 min.
Gender Rolls | Connie Colemen and Alan Powell | 3:20 min.

Complimented by a selection of early video from Electronic Arts Intermix that celebrates technology in the service of artists, presented by Rebecca Cleman, EAI’s Director of Distribution.

Edited for Television | Nam June Paik | 1975 | 28:14 min.
Discs | Vasulkas | 1975-1970 | 5:24 min.
Electronic Linguistics | Gary Hill | 1977 | 3:39 min.
Electronic Opera #1 | Nam June Paik | 1969 | 4:45 min.