Animal Charm is the collaborative project of Rich Bott and Jim Fetterley, sound and media artists. Assuming a deconstructive take on propriety, Animal Charm began creating videos as an act of Electronic Civil Disobedience. Diving the dumpsters of video production companies and scrounging through countless hours of industrial, documentary, and corporate video footage, Animal Charm often edits the tapes in live mix performances. By re-editing images derived from a wide variety of sources, they scramble media codes, creating a kind of convulsive babble that disrupts conventional forms with subversive messages.

Animal Charm are inspired by a virtual community on the web that is concerned with recycled media, congenial to projects such as John Oswald's Plunderphonics, Stock Hausen and Walkman, Dummy Run, and heavy warped records.

"Animal Charm's tapes are mind-bendingly inventive experiments in uncanny, surreal montage that defy logical analysis."
—Gavin Smith, New York Video Festival

"The two exemplary shows of 2000 that rocked my world and justified my love—make that masochism of the margin: in September, Animal Charm's wild-ass, wigged-out, red-hot live video remix of bad 80s TV; in November, the deliriously delicious (improvised?) duet between accordionist Mark Growden and the eye-popping emulsion experiments of Thad Povey's (found) Scratch Films. New wine in old bottles!"
—Craig Baldwin, Other Cinema, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Best of 2000 issue

  superDraw [Joshue Ott] + EZEQUIEL HONIG    

superDraw is a platform for visual expression using drawing. At the most basic level it is a simple line drawing program. The aim is to give the artist super powers by enabling them to do things impossible with pen and paper while retaining the basic idea of a drawing interface. superDraw explores the idea of storing animation within a single line. The artist has complete control of all aspects of the line and it's visual representation.