Children of The Corn | Mikhali Zheleznikov | 2004 | 20 min.
  History of the “corn campaign” realized by Khrushev in the 50s is represented in the style of the Soviet propaganda films. The author of the film with great irony tells about main stages of that campaign. As a result – for a long time USSR has been exported even bread. The film is composed from chronicles of the 1950-1990s. When the pensioner who devoted 25 years of his life to growing of the frost-resistant maize succeeded, the USSR did not exist any more.

Mikhail Zheleznikov was born in Leningrad in 1972. Graduated Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema and Television. Made films for ARTE and YLE, Corona Films, St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio.

The Unseen | Pavel Medvedev | 2008 | 30 min.
  The major political event of 2006 in Russia was the Summit of the Big Eight that took place in St. Petersburg in July. During those three hot summer days on the Russian Baltic shores, in comfort and security, the heads of the leading world powers met to discuss the problems of mankind. During this time the life of normal people became very unpleasant, i.e. military patrols in the streets, checking of passports, barred roads, helicopters continuously flying overhead, the howling of sirens, armed escorts… All this created the impression that the city was besieged. Unfortunately the largest cemetery in the city is situated on the way to the meeting place. In order not to confront the honorable guests with the sight of mortality, this cemetery was closed for the duration of the Summit. With typical Russian resignation and understanding numerous relatives were waiting patiently until the end of the Summit to be able to bury their deceased…

Pavel Medvedev was born in 1963 in Orenburg (Russia). In 1990 he a full course of studies in LGIK (Leningrad’s Krupskaja Institute of Culture), specialized in film production at the Gorin’s workshop. Since 1990 till 1992 studied at the Higher Program of Television Production (workshop of V. Sarukhanov). Since 1991 till 2000 he was working at the TV and Radio companies of Saint-Petersburg as a producer. Since January till May 2001 was producing the serial of documentaries “Petersburg’s short stories”. In February 2002 he has made his first professional documentary film “Vacations in November".

Bitch Academy | Alina Rudnitskaya | 2007 | 31 min.
  Young women in St. Petersburg are going to school again. They want to learn how to seduce, marry and control men. They want to learn how to be a successful bitch. Bitch academy/ Vixen Academy is a tragicomic documentary of the early Russian capitalism, which determines in an atmosphere of fear and hope, the dreams and intimacies of it's young generations.

In 2001 Alina Rudnitskaya graduated St. Petersburg University for Arts and Culture, Department of Film Directing, started her career as an Assistant Director at St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Her first films, "Letter" and "Communal Residence" were well-received both in Russia and abroad and marked with awards at many domestic and international film festivals, such as "Message to Man" (2003; St. Petersburg), Neubrandenburg IFF (2003; Germany), and the others. “Communal Residence” was part of a larger project "St. Petersburg 2003." After the project was completed, she was invited to work in Moscow on a documentary film series "Dating Service" about the single people who look for their other halves. At the same time, she worked on a project "Faces of the Epoch," directing such films as "Vishnevskaya and Rostropovich" among the others. In 2004, her project for one of the major St. Petersburg TV stations - a film series on a Russian pop group TATU - has won an award for the best documentary series. In 2003-2004, she continued making documentary films, such as "Amazons" and "Rural Lessons". Currently, she is working on a new film and is full of new ideas for future work.