Four-Wheel Drive | Katherine Liberovskaya | 2007-08 | 5:30 min. (looped) sound collage: Phill Niblock.
  "Four-Wheel Drive" is the single-channel screening version of a 4 projection video-audio installation piece. The work presents a double détournement of contemporary common technology. It reframes visual and sonic properties of automotive technology into artistic content by way of surveillance
technology. Recordings by a surveillance camera of images, and by a high quality microphone of sounds, of the movement of wheels (tires) of a moving car on different types of road surfaces explore the "musicality" and visual and tactile qualities of motion in relation to the motor vehicle. They form an immersive environment where different channels of sound interact with each other, with the space, and with the extreme close-up footage of the wheels and roads and become, by virtue of the large scale presentation, huge tactile textured abstract moving images evoking gigantic floating hyperreal color-field paintings.

Katherine Liberovskaya is a video and media artist based in Montreal, Canada, and New York City. She has been working predominantly in experimental video since the late eighties. Over the years, she has produced many single-channel videos, video installation works and video performances which have been presented at a wide variety of artistic venues and events around the world. As of recent years her work - in single-channel and installation video as well as performance - mainly revolves around collaborations with new music composers/sound artists, notably Phill Niblock, Al Margolis/If,Bwana, Hitoshi Kojo, Zanana, David First and David Watson. Since 2003 she is active in live video mixing exploring improvisation with numerous live new music/audio artists including: Margarida Garcia, Barry Weisblat, o.blaat, murmer, André Gonçalves, Monique Buzzarté, Anthony Coleman, Giuseppe Ielasi, Renato Rinaldi, Alessandro Bosetti, Audrey Chen, Marina Rosenfeld, Anne Wellmer among others. In addition to her art practice she has concurrently been involved in the programming and organization of diverse media art events, notably with Studio XX in Montreal (programming coordinator 1996-1998, president 2001-2003), Espace Vidéographe, Montreal, and Experimental Intermedia, NYC (Screen Compositions 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) as well as the OptoSonic Tea series with Ursula Scherrer at Diapason NYC.

Brooklyn Panoramat | Richard Garet | 2007 | 9 channel video | 10:00 min (looped)
  Brooklyn Panorama -- Light Composition 1 to 9 is a 9 channel video installation that resulted from the appropriation of over 1500 Internet-found-pictures of Brooklyn from different decades. All the photographs were carefully observed, reduced, and ultimately divided in 9 groups in accordance to their period or location characteristics such as historical pictures, Brooklyn Bridge pictures, abandoned buildings pictures, etc. The pictures were treated through various processes of digital manipulation exploiting characteristics born within the binary environment such as glitches and permutations, and considering light explorations and form as key elements in the work. The pictures were also approached and manipulated in such a way that it created an optical arena of rigorous applications of flickering and overlaying methods explored in real-time-processing. These real-time-processed explorations were digitally recorded and then reworked. Such approaches transformed the original static aesthetic of the pictures into a living architecture of moving images, vibrating and finding their own expression in time. The work reveals itself not only as a concrete and it-referential visual composition about Brooklyn but also as an orchestrated arrangement of concrete light through 9 video output channels, distinct from each other, and identical in duration.

Richard Garet is a sound artist, a video artist, and a painter. he is interested in the phenomena found and produced in aural and visual time-based media, in nature’s processes, and human beings' relationship with both artificial and natural environments. garet explores the it-referential, communicational, and sensory characteristics of the various media he utilizes. additionally, he focuses on the investigation of aural and visual spatial-contexts, relational structures, process, materiality, and form. even though garet’s work suits the standard gallery setting, many of his other activities as an artist explore the various practices of experimental sound and video performance. all of these modes are additional ways in which garet’s work exposes the audience to visual and physical acoustic sensory perception.

Graphic Nature | Sean Capone | 2007 | four channel video | 10:00 min. (looped)
  Inspired by wallpaper, graffiti, visual art, and ornamental motifs, this series uses digital animation and algorithmic software to create large-scale video projections which reflect on the use of media as a contemporary form of architectural ornamentation.

'Graphic Nature' connects contemporary moving image production with the history of representing abstract concepts of Nature within the visual and decorative arts. The scale and ambience of the installation immerses the viewer in a more contemplative, reflective environment in relation to the usual content/narrative driven focus of the media screen.

Sean Capone is a video artist and designer based in Brooklyn NY. The studio Supernature is a platform from which to explore aesthetic applications of the moving image in the built environment. His practice incorporates video, photography, graphics and animation to create single-channel and installation-based works, prints, and design/art products. He has exhibited widely and works collaboratively with a variety of architectural, fashion, and art agencies on projects for film, web, and environmental display

Parks on Fire |
Scott Pagano | 2008 | single channel video augmented into four channel | 7:23 min.(looped) music by trifonic

Parks on Fire is the latest short graphic film creation of digital artist Scott Pagano. It is an exploration of the complex, interpenetrated, and reflective relationships of structure, form, and motion that both bind and conflict the natural and manmade worlds. The lush cinematic soundtrack created for the piece is by Trifonic, and is available on their debut release “Emergence”.

Scott Pagano is a filmmaker, motion designer and spatial reconstructionist. He is a leading edge exemplar of the current digital vanguard reinventing the fine art as well as pop art worlds. He is a visionary and acclaimed Creator Director and Designer in the interactive visual storytelling arts that are being more and more demanded by feature film and video gaming audiences. His motion art works and music videos have been screened in venues ranging from, movie theaters, fine art galleries, international film and music festivals, and MTV. Working with some of the most innovative artists in the Music and Film worlds, Scott has created abstract and conventional digital artworks that push the boundaries of audio-visual composition and process combining a dynamic mix of cinematographic and synthetic imagery. The narratives streaming in his video artworks lay the foundation for the storytelling of a new age.

Alveare | Equador | In Sospensione | Altalena
| Barbara Bulletti | 2006 - 2007| four single channel projections | variable lengths
  These four works explores how the act of seeing can constitute a creative act in its own right. Through a poetic lens this series of videos is about reading reality, unveiling a poetic suspension of gestures, visions and events; as well as constructing a subjective reinterpretation of images and incidents that shape our reality. The videos take place in very ordinary urban settings or natural landscapes. I am not concerned with spectacular events. I direct my attention to aspects of otherwise hidden reality, investigating the possibility of rendering visible that which lies hidden within the folds of everyday reality.

Barbara Bulletti. Masters of Fine Arts, Photography, Video and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York 2000. Master of Science, Engineering, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY,1998. Bachelor of Science, Engineering, University of Perugia, Italy. Lives and works in New York City.

Out of Focus Everything Series | Phyllis Baldino | 2007-08 | single channel installations | variable lengths
  Out of Focus Everything is a series of short silent videos, inspired by the “theory of everything” (trying to unify Einstein’s general relativity (the very large) with quantum theory (the very small). M-theory is one of the chapters in this quest. According to its leading proponents, the universe may exist in eleven dimensions. If this is correct, what might eleven dimensions look like? Or more importantly, ‘what’ exactly is the space we are moving in? The footage I shoot is manually manipulated in the studio, then further altered during the editing process.

Phyllis Baldino engages in a conceptual art practice that merges performance, video, sculpture and installation. With wit and ingenuity, Baldino uses anecdotal conceptual humor and an implied narrativity to question the function and meaning of everyday objects and gestures. Her witty inquiries are often informed by scientific or philosophical principles.

Computer 69 | Marjan Moghaddan & Adam Caine | | single channel video | 2006 | 2:28 min. (looped)
  A collaboration between Brooklyn-based computer artist/animator Marjan Moghaddam and guitarist/composer Adam Caine, “Computer 69” consists of a computer-generated 3D environment that is animated using audio modulation and traditional keyframing. The piece explores issues of sexual tension and subversion inherent in certain aspects of computer technology. The musical composition directly triggers the movement of the cubes. Exploring dissonance, movement, and synaesthesia as an animated abstract/cubist painting on video, Yhis animation has won awards such as Finalist prize in Resfest, and been screened at numerous festivals in addition to screenings at Art Basel Miami & the 2008 Armory Show.