(video interviews turned psychoanalysis)

Human Opera XXX | Meiro Koizumi | 2007 | 17:00 min.
  Characterized by child-like role playing, physical discomfort, and absurd scenarios, Koizumi’s videos treat the medium with brutal disregard. Inner struggles both sensual and sinister are brought to the surface in a dark, claustrophobic universe. Rough production values and a grandiose mash of comedy and physical theater, often centered upon the male body, disturb Koizumi’s submissive viewer. Together with the artist’s collage works on found magazine pages, they pit perception against illusion, morality against aesthetics.

Human Opera XXX is part of Koizumi’s XXX:TRILOGY, a series of films in which actors are asked to perform uncomfortable roles in crude sets that suggest a spacecraft. In the winter 2006, Koizumi put out a call for a man who would talk about his tragedy in front of video camera for money. Among several people who replied the call, Koizumi was especially interested in a man who had a strange scar on his forehead. Without knowing what his story was, Koizumi invited the man to tell his tragedy in the studio set.

Sketch for a Rape Scene | Jannicke Låker | 2003 | 8:22 min.
  With Hilde Tørdal, Bendik Grosmann, Jannicke Låker, Paul Giangrossi, Per Teljer

Jannicke Låker is a video artist from Noway. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Sweden and has exhibited widely in Scandinavian and European Festivals/ Biennials worldwide. Jannicke Låker currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Children for Peace | Lambeth Council | UK 1985 | 6:00 min.
  Daughter with Daddy, sending out an unmistakenly clear peace message. Found by artist Emma Hedditch at the Women's Project in Lambeth, UK.

France/Tour/Détour/Deux/Enfants, Mouvement 1: Obscur/Chimie (Dark/Chemistry) excerpt | Jean-Luc Godard / Anne-Marie Miéville | 1978 | 10:00 min.
  In this an excerpt that Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville produced as of a twelve-part project for and about television — the title of which refers to a 19th-century French primer Le tour de la France par deux enfants — Godard and Miéville take a detour through the everyday lives of two children in contemporary France.

This complex, intimately scaled study of the effect of television on the French family is constructed around Godard's interviews with a school girl and school boy, Camille and Arnaud. Godard's provocative questions to the children range from the philosophical ("Do you think you have an existence?") to the social ("What does revolution mean to you?").

SLA Screed #16 | Sharon Hayes | 2002 | 10:00 min.
  On February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California by a radical political organization called the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). From February to April, 1974, the SLA and Patty Hearst made four audio tapes in which she addresses her parents on the subject of her kidnapping, the SLA's ransom (that the Hearst family feed all the poor people in California) and the family and the FBI's actions during the ordeal. In the last tape, Hearst renames herself Tania and announces that she is joining the SLA in their struggle. From June 2001 to January 2002, Sharon Hayes performed a respeaking of each of the four audio tapes. In each instance, Hayes partially memorized the transcript of the audio tape and spoke the text in front of an audience to whom she gave a transcript of the text. She asked them to correct her when she was wrong and to feed her a line when she needed it.

Sharon Hayes works in performance, video, and installation through protests, speeches, and organized demonstrations in which crowds and individuals are invited to rethink their roles in the construction of public opinion. She is a graduate of UCLA’s MFA program and is an assistant professor at the Cooper Union, New York.

Clarence: Patience | PFFR | 2005 5:00 min
  Clarence was created by John Lee and Vernon Chatman of PFFR and is part of "Wonder Showzen" is an American sketch comedy television series that aired between 2005 and 2006 on MTV2. The show's format is that of educational PBS children's television shows such as Sesame Street or The Electric Company. However, Wonder Showzen parodies the format in a very adult-oriented manner. In addition to general controversial comedy, it satirizes politics, religion, war, sex, and culture with black comedy.